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Hi Vis Workwear Fleece & Hoodies: Essential Safety and Style for the Workplace

In the realm of workplace safety and comfort, Hi Vis Workwear Fleece & Hoodies stand out as indispensable garments. These high-visibility items are not just about adhering to safety standards; they also offer a unique opportunity for businesses to enhance their brand visibility while ensuring the safety of their employees.

Why Hi Vis Workwear Fleece & Hoodies are Crucial

High visibility workwear is essential in environments where visibility is paramount for safety. This includes construction sites, road works, and other industrial settings. The bright colours and reflective tapes on these garments ensure that workers are easily seen, reducing the risk of accidents.

Custom Branding Options for Fleece Workwear

Customising Hi Vis Workwear Fleece & Hoodies with a company logo or brand message is an effective way to promote your brand. It not only increases brand exposure but also fosters a sense of team unity among employees. With various customisation options available, from embroidery to screen printing, businesses can choose a style that best represents their brand identity.

Benefits of Hi Vis Workwear Fleece & Hoodies

  • Enhanced Safety: The primary function of these garments is to increase visibility, thereby enhancing safety in hazardous work environments.
  • Comfort and Warmth: Made from fleece and other comfortable materials, these garments provide warmth without compromising on safety.
  • Durability: Designed for tough working conditions, Hi Vis Workwear Fleece & Hoodies are made to withstand extensive wear and tear.
  • Versatility: Available in various styles, including zip hoodies, pullovers, and jumpers, there is a fit for every preference and requirement.
  • Australian Standards Compliance: These garments meet the Australian standards for high visibility and safety, ensuring legal compliance.

Workwear Fleece & Hoodies Styles and Features

  • Zip Hoodies and Pullovers: Offer ease of wear and flexibility.
  • Waterproof Options: For outdoor work in wet conditions.
  • Unisex Designs: Catering to all workers, regardless of gender.
  • Reflective Taping: For enhanced visibility during night or in low light conditions.


  • Can these garments be customised with a company logo?
  • Yes, there are various customisation options available for branding.
  • Are these garments suitable for all weather conditions?
  • Yes, with waterproof and fleece options, they are suitable for various conditions.
  • Do they comply with Australian safety standards?
  • Yes, they are designed to meet Australian safety standards for high visibility.
  • Are there different styles available?
  • Yes, there are multiple styles, including zip hoodies, pullovers, and more.
  • Can these be ordered in bulk for a workforce?

  • Absolutely, bulk orders are common for workplace uniforms.