5 Panel Caps

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Custom Branded 5 Panel Caps: A Trendy Choice for Modern Branding

In the evolving world of promotional products, custom branded 5 panel caps stand out as a trendy and effective way to enhance your brand visibility. Supply Crew in Sydney specialises in these stylish caps, which offer a smooth, seamless front panel perfect for displaying your logo. Ideal for corporate events, sports teams, and fashion promotions, these caps provide a contemporary look that appeals to a youthful and active demographic.

Why Invest in Custom Branded 5 Panel Caps?

  • Sleek Design: The unique construction without a front seam allows for uninterrupted branding space, making your logo more prominent and visually appealing.
  • Wide Appeal: Popular in urban and sportswear contexts, 5 panel caps attract a diverse audience, from streetwear enthusiasts to outdoor adventurers.
  • Highly Customisable: With options for various fabrics, colours, and bespoke detailing, these caps can be perfectly tailored to represent your brand’s style and ethos.

Our Premium Quality Materials and Design

At Supply Crew, our commitment to quality ensures that every cap is not just a piece of merchandise but a representation of your brand:

  • Superior Fabrics: Choose from cotton, polyester, canvas, or sustainable materials, each selected for durability and comfort.
  • Advanced Features: Incorporate adjustable straps, breathable eyelets, and moisture-wicking sweatbands to enhance usability and fit.
  • Modern Styles: Our 5 panel caps come in a range of contemporary designs that can include flat or curved visors, reflective elements, and unique closures.

Customisation at Its Best

Tailoring your 5 panel caps to your marketing needs is our speciality:

  • Embroidery: Embroidery is a classic and elegant customisation method that creates a raised, three-dimensional effect. It's ideal for logos, slogans, or intricate designs.
  • 3D Embroidery: For a bolder and more eye-catching look, opt for 3D embroidery. This technique adds depth and dimension to your designs, making them stand out on your caps.
  • Digital Heat Transfers: Digital heat transfers offer a versatile, cost-effective customisation option. They're suitable for logos, graphics, and full-colour designs.
  • Woven Patches: Woven patches provide a durable and high-quality look. They're often used for logos, emblems, or badges.
  • Silicone Patches: Silicone patches offer a soft, flexible, and 3D textured look. They're ideal for adding a unique touch to your caps.

Practical Applications for Custom Branded 5 Panel Caps

  • Marketing Campaigns: Use them as part of a broader promotional strategy at trade shows, product launches, or music festivals.
  • Employee Uniforms: Incorporate these stylish caps into your company’s casual uniform to boost team spirit and brand identity.
  • Customer Loyalty Rewards: Offer them as exclusive merchandise or loyalty rewards in customer engagement programmes.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I get a prototype before ordering in bulk? Yes, we highly recommend ordering a sample to ensure your specifications are met.
  • What is the minimum order quantity? Our minimum order quantity starts from 50 units, allowing for cost-effective scalability.
  • How long will it take to receive my order? Typically, the production time ranges from 2-4 weeks, depending on customisation details and order volume.


Custom branded 5 panel caps are an excellent way to project a modern and fashionable image for your brand. With Supply Crew's dedication to high-quality materials and customisation, these caps are guaranteed to be a hit, enhancing your promotional efforts and appealing directly to your target audience. Contact us today to start designing your custom 5 panel caps and make a bold statement in your industry.