Fitted Caps

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​​Fitted Caps: Understanding the Distinction and the Rise of Flexfit

In the realm of headwear, both fitted caps and adjustable caps have carved out their respective niches, each offering unique advantages and catering to specific preferences. While both serve the primary purpose of protecting the head from the elements and enhancing personal style, their distinct construction sets them apart.

Fitted Caps: A Timeless Classic

Fitted caps, are characterised by their structured design and predetermined size. They will often come in numerous sizes which need to be decided in advance of confirming your order. The cap's circumference is fixed, typically ranging from small to extra-large, and it fits snugly around the wearer's head. This provides a classic, tailored look and a secure fit during physical activities. It also provides a unique canvas for custom embroidering with Embroidery or a digital transfer at the rear of a cap.

Adjustable Caps: Adapting to Diverse Head Shapes

Adjustable caps, on the other hand, are designed to accommodate a wider range of head sizes. They feature an adjustable strap or band at the back, allowing wearers to customise the fit to their liking. This versatility makes them a popular choice for those with varying head shapes or those who prefer a looser fit. People with pony tails can also pull their hair through the back of an adjustable cap, however this is not possible with a fitted cap.

The Rise of Flexfit: A Hybrid Approach

Flexfit, a leading brand in fitted caps, has introduced a revolutionary technology that bridges the gap between fitted and adjustable caps. Flexfit caps feature a patented hidden elastic band embedded within the cap's back panel. This elastic provides a comfortable, snug fit while still allowing for some flexibility, accommodating a wider range of head sizes without compromising the structured look of a traditional fitted cap.

The Allure of Flexfit Caps

Flexfit caps have garnered a loyal following due to their unique combination of a structured fit and a comfortable, adaptable feel. They offer the best of both worlds, providing the classic style of fitted caps without the limitations of a fixed size.

Choosing the Right Cap: A Matter of Preference

The choice between a fitted cap and an adjustable cap ultimately comes down to personal preference. Fitted caps offer a timeless, structured look and a secure fit, while adjustable caps provide versatility and adaptability. Flexfit caps, with their innovative technology, present a compelling option for those seeking a hybrid approach that combines style, comfort, and a wide range of fit options.


Fitted caps and adjustable caps, each with their distinct features and advantages, have become staple accessories in the world of headwear. Flexfit, through its innovative technology, has redefined the fitted cap category, offering a unique blend of structure, comfort, and adaptability. Whether you prefer the classic look of a fitted cap, the versatility of an adjustable cap, or the hybrid approach of Flexfit, there's a cap style to suit your preferences and enhance your personal style.