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Custom Sublimated Polo Shirts: The Ultimate Choice for Style and Branding

In the world of corporate and promotional clothing, custom sublimated polo shirts stand out as a versatile and flexible option. These shirts, known for their vibrant designs and durable quality, are increasingly popular in Australia for various events, sports teams, and corporate branding given the near endless design freedom due to the digital printing process across the entire garment which is made to order.

Why Choose Custom Sublimated Polo Shirts?

While custom sublimated polos are not for everyone, they are particularly useful when complex, intricate or unique designs are required across the entire surface of the garment, or if a specific unique colour is required, or if there are a very large number of logos required that become costly with conventional embroidery or printing methods. The sublimation process allows for intricate designs, vibrant colours, and detailed logos to be embedded directly into the fabric, ensuring that your branding stands out. Unlike traditional printing methods, sublimation ensures that the colours won't fade or peel, making these shirts a long-lasting promotional tool.

Design and Customisation

The beauty of sublimated polos lies in their customisation potential. You can choose from a wide range of colours, patterns, and designs to create a unique look that aligns with your brand or team's identity. Whether it's a corporate logo, a team emblem, or a specific colour scheme, sublimated polo shirts can be tailored to meet your specific needs.

Quality and Comfort

Sublimated polo shirts are not just about looks; they also offer exceptional comfort and quality. Made from lightweight, breathable fabrics, these shirts are ideal for the Australian climate. They are perfect for outdoor events, sports activities, or everyday corporate wear. The fabric's moisture-wicking properties keep you cool and dry, enhancing comfort and performance.


These polo shirts are incredibly versatile. They are suitable for various settings, from corporate events to sports tournaments. Their professional yet casual look makes them a popular choice for team uniforms, corporate branding, and promotional events.


Can I add my company logo to the polo shirts?

  • Absolutely! Custom sublimated polo shirts are perfect for showcasing your company logo and branding.

What is the minimum order quantity?

  • The minimum order quantity varies, but generally, small batch orders are accepted from 50pcs, making it feasible for businesses of all sizes.

How long does the production process take?

  • Production times can vary, but typically, you can expect your custom polos to be ready within approximately 4 weeks after finalising the design.

Are there options for both men and women?

  • Yes, custom sublimated polo shirts are available in unisex designs, as well as specific cuts for men and women, ensuring a comfortable and flattering fit for everyone.

Benefits of Custom Sublimated Polo Shirts

  • Durability: The sublimation process ensures the design remains vibrant and does not fade or peel off.
  • Unlimited Design Options: From logos to intricate patterns, the design possibilities are endless.
  • Brand Visibility: Enhance your brand's visibility with eye-catching designs.
  • Comfort: Made with breathable fabrics suitable for the Australian climate.
  • Versatility: Ideal for various occasions, from corporate events to sports activities.