Golf Towels

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Custom Branded Golf Towels: Enhancing Corporate Presence on the Green

Golf, a sport synonymous with business and leisure, offers a unique opportunity for corporate branding. Custom branded golf towels have emerged as a popular and effective way to enhance a company's presence at golf events and corporate giveaways. These towels, often a staple in every golfer's bag, serve not just a practical purpose but also act as a mobile billboard, showcasing your brand in a sophisticated and subtle manner.

Why Choose Custom Branded Golf Towels?

Custom branded golf towels offer a blend of utility and visibility. Made from high-quality materials like 340gsm cotton or microfibre, these towels are designed to offer the best in comfort and functionality. They are perfect for wiping away the sweat and grime of a challenging round or cleaning golf balls and clubs, ensuring that the golfer's equipment is in top condition.

The Art of Branding: Logo Embroidery and Printing

The real value of these towels lies in their customisation. With options for full-colour embroidery or digital transfer branding, your logo can be prominently displayed. This not only increases brand visibility but also associates your brand with the luxury and prestige of the sport. Whether it's a subtle embroidered logo or a vibrant full-colour print, the customisation options are extensive.

Colour and Quality: A Reflection of Your Brand

Custom branded golf towels come in a wide range of colours, allowing you to choose one that aligns with your corporate identity. The quality of the towel itself reflects on your brand – a soft, durable towel speaks volumes about the standards you uphold.

Ideal for Corporate Golf Days and Gifts

These towels are not just for use on the course. They are perfect gifts for corporate golf days, serving as a functional and thoughtful reminder of the event. They can also be a part of a larger golf-themed promotional package, including items like golf balls, clubs, and bags.


Can the towels be customised with any logo?

  • Yes, custom branded golf towels can be embroidered or printed with any logo, making them a versatile promotional item.

What material are the towels made from?

  • They are typically made from high-quality cotton or microfibre, ensuring durability and comfort.

Are there different sizes available?

  • Yes, these towels come in various sizes to suit different needs and preferences.

Can I choose different colours?

  • Absolutely! There's a wide range of colours to match your corporate branding.

How do these towels enhance corporate presence?

  • By featuring your brand on a high-visibility item used in a prestigious sport, it subtly boosts your brand's image and visibility.


Custom branded golf towels are more than just a promotional item; they are a statement of class and quality. They offer a unique way to keep your brand in the mind of key business partners and clients, all while providing a useful and appreciated gift. Whether it's for a corporate golf day, a giveaway, or as part of a larger promotional strategy, these towels are a perfect choice.