Corporate Uniforms That Mean Business

Did you know that how you dress dramatically affects how others perceive you? In particular, businesses must ensure that their employees provide the best first impressions when closing a sale or marketing their brand. For this reason, companies should consider investing in corporate uniforms that add a professional touch and appeal to their customers. 

Ready to seal the deal? When looking to purchase corporate quality and professional uniforms, look no further than Supply Crew. Here are a few points showcasing why we are the best in the business:

High-Quality Apparel

Here at Supply Crew, we spare no expense in ensuring uniforms are the best in the market. We source the highest quality materials and employ revolutionary workmanship. Our uniforms will make you stand out at any given moment and leave a lasting impression on your clients.

Fast Turnaround

When it comes to closing the deal, we understand that time is of the essence. That’s why we ensure that our turnaround time is minimal when your business requires uniforms urgently.


With a wide range of corporate uniforms to pick from, we ensure that there is something for every business. Our uniforms are of high quality and friendly to the pocket.


Whenever your employees are out making sales, they deserve to feel confident and comfortable in their work uniforms. Our workwear is designed to look and feel comfortable. 


We understand that your business has worked hard to earn its profits. Our workwear uniforms are designed to be durable thus ensuring that you get your money’s worth. 

Trendy and Fashionable

Apart from providing affordable uniforms of high quality, we are up to date with the latest trends in the market. 

Highly Customisable

The beauty of different businesses is that they unique in nature. Our corporate uniforms can be customised to specifically suit the needs of your business. 

Available in Many Colour Options

When you purchase business shirts from Supply Crew, you can choose from the various colour options we have in stock.

Available in Different Materials

Our range of uniforms is available in a variety of materials. Whether you work in construction or a corner office, we have materials to ensure you get the job done comfortably.

Employee-First Approach

When it comes to uniforms, it is your staff who will be wearing them every day. Therefore, we accommodate customer feedback to ensure that your workforce gets uniforms that are comfortable and the right fit.

What Are The Best Materials to Use for Corporate Uniforms?

1. Cotton

This material is both comfortable and easy to wash. It is great for business shirts as it's breathable and can be worn during warm summer days as well as during the cold winters.

2. Polyester

When incorporated in corporate workwear, polyester is a highly durable material. This ensures that your business gets value for its money. In addition, they are wrinkle-free, lightweight, and very affordable.

3. Nylon

Workplace uniforms made from nylon can overcome wrinkles and shrinkage when washed. Furthermore, this material has insulating properties and thus is suitable during cold days.

How to Take Care of Corporate Uniforms

1. Business Shirts

Despite many shirts being machine-washable, it is important to separate them from other clothes in your laundry. One can achieve this by using a separate wash bag that contains only business shirts. In addition, hanging your shirts out to dry instead of using the dryer helps preserve their durability.

2. Knit Wear

Ensure that uniforms made from knitwear are turned inside out before washing. This helps preserve the colours and brightness of the uniform. In addition, let the uniform dry out in a flat position as opposed to using direct heat. 

3. Embroidered Uniforms

Uniforms with company logos and badges often shrink and end up looking old and worn out. Fortunately, you can avoid this common problem by washing the uniforms in low temperatures and ironing them while inside out.

Dress Code Tips for Your Workplace Staff

First impressions truly matter. When dealing with clients, your employees should always be presentable. For example, men can be in tailor-made two or three-piece suits that are neutral in colour. Conversely, women can wear pant-suits or skirts-suits that are neutral in colour and paired up with white button-up shirts with collars. 

Choose Supply Cerew For Your Corporate Uniforms

Is your business interested in workplace uniforms that improve your brand image? Look no further than corporate uniforms from Supply Crew. 

We ensure that your needs are met to the highest degree of quality and at affordable rates. Contact us today at +61 2 9418 8310 for more information.