Cable Ties

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  • Gumbite Pulli Gumbite Pulli

    Gumbite Pulli

    By far the fastest cable organiser in the world! The Pulli neatly wraps cords into its elastic silicone sleeve, letting you customise cord length while granting the convenience of accessibility.
    MOQ: 250
  • Gumbite Clippi Gumbite Clippi

    Gumbite Clippi

    This flexible silicone holder makes it possible to temporarily hold and /or remove cables and other desktop accessories when needed. At home, in the office, in the car, Clippi helps you with your clean desktop management by holding your cable, ear...
    MOQ: 250

Custom Branded Promotional Cable Ties: Secure Your Brand’s Visibility

Custom branded promotional cable ties are a unique and practical way for businesses to enhance brand recognition while providing a useful tool. At Supply Crew in Sydney, we specialise in high-quality, durable cable ties that can be customised with your company's logo, making them ideal for a wide range of industries from construction to retail.

Why Custom Branded Promotional Cable Ties?

  • Durable Brand Exposure: Cable ties are frequently used in various settings, ensuring your brand is seen regularly and over a long period.
  • Highly Practical: These ties are essential for organising, securing, and managing cables, making them invaluable in both professional and personal settings.
  • Wide Range of Customisation Options: Choose from various sizes, colours, and strengths to match your company’s branding and meet specific needs.

Our Premium Quality Materials and Design

At Supply Crew, we ensure our promotional cable ties meet the highest standards of quality and functionality:

  • High-Quality Materials: Made from strong, durable nylon or proprietary blends for extra strength and flexibility.
  • Advanced Printing Technology: Utilise state-of-the-art printing techniques to apply your logo clearly and durably, resistant to fading or wearing off.
  • Variety of Types: Offering standard, releasable, and heavy-duty options to suit various applications and environments.

Customisation at Its Best

Enhance your promotional strategy with fully customised cable ties that reflect your brand's ethos:

  • Logo Placement: Your brand's logo can be prominently displayed on the strap or head of the tie, ensuring maximum visibility.
  • Colour Customisation: Match your corporate colours or choose high-visibility colours for added safety and brand impact.
  • Functional Enhancements: Add specific features like UV resistance or heat stabilisation to meet the demands of different environments.

Practical Uses for Custom Branded Promotional Cable Ties

  • Industry Events: Distribute branded cable ties at trade shows or industry conferences as useful, memorable giveaways.
  • Product Bundling: Use custom cable ties to bundle products and promotional materials, reinforcing your brand with every package.
  • On-Site Branding: Equip your field staff with custom cable ties for use in installations or repairs, keeping your brand in view of customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can these cable ties be produced in eco-friendly materials? Yes, we offer options made from recycled materials or other eco-friendly alternatives upon request.
  • What is the minimum order quantity? Our minimum order starts at 200 units, suitable for both large-scale deployments and smaller targeted uses.
  • How long will it take to complete my order? Generally, orders are fulfilled within 3-5 weeks, depending on the customisation specifics and order volume.


Custom branded promotional cable ties offer a unique opportunity to increase your brand's exposure in practical and lasting ways. With Supply Crew’s commitment to quality and customisation, these cable ties are designed to carry your brand forward in numerous environments. Contact us today to secure your order and start making a stronger connection with your audience.