Automotive Uniforms

Keep your brand front and centre with our wide range of automotive uniforms and accessories.

Supply Crew specialises in developing, manufacturing and delivering customised uniforms and accessories. Our products will not only keep your technicians safe and efficient but will also make them feel proud. Your customers will also feel confident when they are dealing with knowledgeable professionals wearing uniforms that define your brand. 

We take a personalised, consultative approach to branding. We have a corporate social responsibility policy with a social conscience to make sure that our labour and manufacturing standards are up to the sensibilities of a modern-day socially conscious consumer. We love building exceptional custom products for our customers.

1. We produce premium quality branded apparel and merchandise — with a social conscience

2. We work with customers to develop, manufacture and deliver products focused on building and growing their brand

3. We offer an end-to-end service experience for both offshore private label manufacturing as well as local stock service where we take care of everything beginning from design and specifications to sampling, production and delivery

4. We work with only carefully selected suppliers who meet our strict standards

5. Our corporate social responsibility policy is aligned with the needs of a modern-day globally conscious supply chain

6. Every manufacturer who works with us has to provide a statement about the fair treatment of their workers

7. We offer a wide range of popular brands along with custom solutions

8. Our product range includes almost anything you can imagine such as T-shirts, polos, jackets, vests, pullovers, shorts, skirts, dresses, outerwear, lab coats, fleece and many others

9. Our business is moving towards a 100% carbon offset goal

10. Our automotive uniform range covers all the areas including brand-specific sales uniforms for dealerships to branded overalls for service centres

Why Choose Supply Crew

We offer the widest range of automotive uniforms across Australia. The automotive business has so much competition that it’s not easy to stand out. As a business, you need to do everything in your power to stand apart from the competition and a well-designed uniform that accurately represents your brand is a great way to enhance brand recall.

Our company has years of experience in designing and manufacturing the highest quality uniforms in various industries including the automotive industry. We know how to utilise uniforms as a marketing tool. Give us a call and our experts will walk you through our process right from designing to manufacturing and delivery.

Why You Need an Automotive Uniform

Most automotive businesses do not take staff uniforms seriously. Some businesses even find them gimmicky but uniforms work. It not only makes the employees feel proud but when you have customised uniforms, these can be created as per the unique needs and requirements of your employees. 

On top of that, custom branding instils a sense of pride in employees as they unconsciously know that they are a part of something. With customised uniforms, you are not only creating walking ads for your business but also enhancing the morale of your employees.

One Stop Solution

While we specialise in designing and building high-quality uniforms, we also offer a wide range of other products to help businesses put forward a complete branded look. For example, we can supply customised bags, office stationery, first aid kits, caps, chargers and all kinds of accessories to present a unique branded experience to your customers.

High-Quality Solutions

Here at Supply Crew, we take pride in our products and customer service. We are all about our customers. We want to make you happy. This is why all our products are sourced from only a handful of suppliers who have met our tough standards in terms of the quality of products as well as their ethics.

Keep Your Employees Happy

Automotive work involves a lot of physical action and proper clothing and footwear go a long way in keeping your employees safe during everyday operations. Also, automotive employees have to deal with a lot of messy products such as grease and oil which makes clothing dirty.

When you give them a customised uniform with your own brand, your employees will work harder as specialised clothing will keep them safe and their clothes protected. It will also give them a sense of involvement with the brand.

Purchase Your Automotive Uniforms From Supply Crew!

Supply Crew offers a wide range of options for automotive uniforms. Our range of products includes overalls, pullovers, T-shirts, polos, singlets, trousers, dresses, skirts, shorts, scrubs, knitwear and many others. 

We have a huge inventory of products from some of the most popular brands but we can also design and manufacture custom-branded uniforms. We have several years of experience in this industry and we know what your brand/business name means for your company’s image.

Give us a call at 61 2 9418 8310 to learn more about our range of automotive uniforms and how our team can help you meet your custom-branded clothing needs.