Hydro Headwear

Hydro Headwear

The new kid on the block for custom printed promotional headwear. A premium custom branded cap or hat is what you need to get noticed! Your staff and clients will appreciate receiving a high-quality branded cap for those warm Aussie days where they want to beat the sun or sneak in a cheeky round of golf. Supply Crew presents Premium Hydro Headwear available in many different of styles from performance light weight cool-dry fabrics, classic cotton caps, to trucker and snap-back styles. All of our Hydrop Caps are customisable with your own branding such as embroidery, printing or patches and are sure to put a smile on the recipients face!

Styles include Hunter Cap, Alpine 6 Panel Cap, Arrow 6 Panel Cap, Bay 6 Panel Cap, Peak 6 Panel Flat Peak Cap, Everett 6 Panel Flat Peak Cap, Stone 6 Panel Flat Peak Cap, Scout 5 Panel Flat Peak Cap, Woody 6 Panel Trucker Cap, Ranger low profile cap, Clay 6 Panel Flat Peak Cap, Lake 6 Panel Cap, Rocky 6 Panel Cap, Forest Bucket Hat 

Elevate Elegance with Hydro: Timeless Style for the New Modern Brand

In an ever-evolving fashion landscape where trends come and go, in 2023 Hydro emerges as a beacon of timeless elegance and classic style. As a new headwear brand, Hydro specialises in crafting premium caps and hats that not only radiate sophistication but also complement the refined aesthetic of your brand.

A Tradition of Superior Craftsmanship

At its core, Hydro is driven by a forward thinking passion for quality headwear, a legacy passed through diverse experience. Every piece in the Hydro collection is created with exceptional materials and age-old crafting techniques, ensuring that each hat or cap stands out as a symbol of quality and elegance.

Your Brand's Signature Style with Hydro

Understanding the importance of branding in today's market, Hydro offers a range of headwear that serves as a perfect canvas for your brand's identity. Whether it's through embroidered logos or custom designs, Hydro's headwear seamlessly blends your brand’s essence with fashion-forward and functional designs. From trucker caps, to premium quality chino fabric “Dad Hats”, otherwise known as unstructured caps, Hydro Headwear also produce some of the finest performance fabric caps, perfectly suited to corporate golf days, or corporate brand promotions

Versatility for Every Corporate Requirement

Hydro's extensive range of headwear styles is designed to meet various corporate needs. Whether you are outfitting your team, looking for unique promotional items, or seeking exclusive merchandise for retail, Hydro has styles ranging from the timeless elegance of classic hats to the modern appeal of beanies, ensuring there is a perfect match for every brand and event.

Seamless Branding with Supply Crew and Hydro

Supply Crew, renowned for its expertise in custom branding solutions, proudly partners with Hydro. Our collaborative approach means we work closely with you to capture the essence of your brand and translate it into beautifully branded headwear. From initial design to final production and delivery, Supply Crew ensures a hassle-free process, delivering your customised headwear on time and to your specifications.

Innovative Branding Techniques for Hydro Headwear

Hydro provides various innovative methods to brand your headwear, enhancing your brand’s visibility and impact. Some popular options include:

  • Embroidery: A classic choice, embroidery offers a textured and dimensional look, perfect for logos and text.
  • Digital Heat Transfer: This contemporary method provides high-quality, durable prints with vibrant colours, ideal for intricate designs.
  • Patches: For a unique and cost-effective branding option, patches can be sewn or ironed onto the headwear, offering flexibility and creativity.

Discover Timeless Style with Hydro and Supply Crew

In a world where brand identity and timeless fashion are increasingly valued, Hydro and Supply Crew stand as your ideal partners. Choose to make a statement with headwear that reflects sophistication, exceptional quality, and a style that transcends time, leaving an indelible impression on your audience.