Branded Bags

Branded Bags That Make Sense for Your Business

Among the most popular promotional items produced, branded bags remain a go-to choice for many businesses for two simple reasons: they're easy to produce, and they're highly visible. While pens, mugs, and other small items are excellent for keeping your brand in the mind of one person, everyone who sees a branded bag in public will also see your brand.

That recognisability contributes a great deal to their popularity as a give-away item at trade shows, client events, and on many other occasions. That's not to mention that a custom backpack with your logos may be a useful accessory for your employees in the field, too. At Supply Crew, we've simplified the process of acquiring custom totes and other bags while holding ourselves to high standards for corporate responsibility.

The Benefits of Promotional Bags from Supply Crew

Why should you choose to work with our team throughout the ordering process? With a strong background in promotional product creation and years of experience to put to work, we're well-equipped to supply these and other products to your business in varying quantities. Some of the key benefits we offer to our buyers include:

  • A wide range of solutions, including simple totes and convention bags to backpacks, coolers, messenger bags, and much more. Whether you have a simple idea to execute or you're looking for a particular type of bag, we provide dozens of options.
  • Personalised service and guidance throughout the ordering process. Our team liaises with our clients to ensure excellent results that meet your expectations.
  • High-quality branding via digital transfers or professional screen printing. Enjoy bags that "pop" with bright visuals and vivid colours to attract the eye.

Tips Regarding Custom Tote Bags

While we'll handle the production of quality goods, there are still steps your business should take to ensure your products conform to your expectations. What should you know about translating your ideas into reality before you order? Here are our top tips:

  • Consider quantity first. How many bags will you need? Consider that there is not much downside to having additional stock on hand. There will always be other events, and you may find fun opportunities for giving away branded merch on other occasions.
  • Choose bags that align with the nature of an upcoming event or marketing opportunity. For example, an outdoor company exhibiting at a trade expo might benefit more from items such as cooler bags that clearly connect with the products or services you offer.
  • Be bold with your branding. Don't make your logo a small part of the bag — it should dominate the item and should be easy to see even from a distance. Don't be shy... consider including a catchy slogan, too!

Why Supply Crew is a Cost-Effective Option for Custom Bags

As a fresh face in the world of corporate and branded materials, we work to change the way businesses typically approach these tasks, which often seem deceptively simple. Our top-notch service and close coordination with you, ensure every order you place with Supply Crew comes out just the way you anticipated. These efforts reduce the turnaround time, rejects, and the hassle associated with producing branded items. Contact us today to learn more.