Syzmik aim to deliver a workwear range that is tougher, more comfortable and better fitting than existing workwear clothing. The best work clothes solve problems for the wearer, so Syzmik are constantly talking to customers to better understand the way to improve their life through clothing. Innovation is at the core, always researching and testing the latest fabrics to ensure the best clothing possible, based on the latest technological advancements. Pride on delivering the best quality product possible and that’s why each and every product produced goes through stringent quality testing to ensure the performance of the product is exceptional and deserving of the Syzmik name. 

Syzmik Workwear: Durable, Functional, and Ethically Made - A Supply Crew Selection

Introducing Syzmik Workwear, a leader in high-quality, durable workwear designed for the toughest conditions. With a commitment to ethical and sustainable practices, Syzmik offers a wide range of workwear that includes shirts, pants, shorts, polos, vests, jackets, fleece, and hoodies. These products are not only designed to withstand the rigors of the job but also to ensure comfort and safety for the wearer. Supply Crew is proud to partner with Syzmik, bringing their exceptional workwear to the Australian market.

A Legacy of Quality and Responsibility:

Syzmik's dedication to quality is matched by their commitment to sustainability. The company continually strives to reduce its environmental impact through sustainable packaging initiatives and recycling programs. By choosing Syzmik Workwear, you're not just selecting high-grade work attire; you're also supporting a brand that cares about its ecological footprint.

Wide Range of Workwear Solutions:

Syzmik's comprehensive product range includes innovative designs in various categories, each tailored to meet specific work environments and requirements. The range features Rugged Cooling, Bio Motion, and Fire Armour among others, ensuring there's a suitable option for every work scenario.


Offering both high-visibility and non-high-visibility options, Syzmik's tees come in various sleeve lengths, providing comfort and safety compliance.

Pants and Shorts:

Designed for durability and comfort, Syzmik pants and shorts cater to both men and women, with hi-vis options available for enhanced safety on the job.

Polos and Vests:

These items balance functionality with style, available in long and short sleeves, and are suitable for various work environments.


Syzmik jackets are designed to provide protection in various conditions, offering both high-visibility and standard options.

Fleece and Hoodies:

Ideal for cooler conditions, these fleece and hoodies provide warmth without compromising on safety and visibility.

Custom Branding with Supply Crew:

Supply Crew understands the importance of brand visibility and offers custom branding solutions on Syzmik Workwear. Whether for corporate uniforms, team events, or daily workwear, our services ensure that your brand stands out while your team enjoys the quality and comfort of Syzmik apparel.


Syzmik Workwear, with its blend of durability, functionality, and ethical production, is an ideal choice for businesses that value quality and responsibility. By partnering with Supply Crew, you gain access to a range of customizable workwear solutions that meet the highest standards of performance and sustainability.

Elevate Your Workwear Game:

Discover the Syzmik Workwear range at Supply Crew and explore how our custom branding solutions can enhance your professional image. Contact us to learn more about integrating Syzmik's durable and ethical workwear into your business attire.