Introducing the Syzmik 2023 Workwear Catalogue

Introducing the Syzmik 2023 Workwear Catalogue

Posted by Supply Crew on 13th Jun 2023

Syzmik delivers a workwear range that is tougher, more comfortable and better fitting than other workwear clothing. Syzmik beleive the best workwear solves problems for the wearer and are constantly talking to customers to better understand how to improve their life through clothing.

Why you should consider Syzmik Workwear

Innovation is at the heart of what we do, so we are always researching and testing the latest fabrics to ensure we offer the best clothing possible, based on the latest technological advancements. 

We pride ourselves on providing the best quality workwear possible and thats why each and every product we produce goes through stringent quality testing to ensure the performance of the product is exceptional and deserving of the Syzmik name.

Syzmik 2023 Catalogue

In addition to the catalogue, the full Syzmik Workwear range can be viewed online.

Workwear Categories

Syzmik Workwear comes in a range of categories including the follwing Workwear Ranges: Work Shirts, Work Pants Work Shorts & Work Polos + Vests Jackets Fleece + Hoodies Overalls.

Many workwear garments are certified for HiVis Day / Night and come with UPF 50+ Ratings, while others feature durability benefits such as Cordura® which can can withstand more that 3 times the wear of traditional workwear fabrics. Other technical features include Waterproof functionality, stretch for increased comfort and unrestrictred movement, or breathability features such as Cool, Dry and moisture wicking properties or vented compartments for improved airflow in hot conditions.  

Supply Crew Custom Branded Merchandise & Uniforms

Supply Crew provides custom branded uniform solutions, from range selection, development, to custom branding such as embroidery & printing, to distribution and fulfilment for small, medium & large organisations. An online uniform ordering platform can also be developed to help in the allocation & distribution of uniforms to larger organisations with multiple sites or budget and financial compliance requirements.  

Here are some additional benefits of using Supply Crew for your custom branded workwear needs: 

Branding: Supply Crew can help you create a custom branded workwear uniform that will help your employees feel proud to represent your company. 

Safety: Supply Crew offers a variety of safety features in their workwear, such as reflective materials, high-visibility colors, and durable construction. 

Comfort: Supply Crew's workwear is designed to be comfortable and stylish, so your employees can focus on their work without distractions. 

Durability: Supply Crew's workwear is made to last, so you can save money on replacement costs.

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